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There’s an entire world in your smartphone…keep it clean using i-Wipe.


The cleaning action of the special microfiber Made in Italy is astonishingly effective and keeps the display of the smartphone constantly clean and shiny.


The simple and original method of assembly of the two parts of the wiper allows for easy substitution.


The form of the wiper was studied to give a natural and fluid movement over the display of the smartphone.

Exclusive and elegant

The wiper adds a touch of class and exclusivity to the phone cover and at the same time, creates an elegant movement in cleaning your smartphone.


The ABS material that the wiper is made from is resistant and allows for long term use.

Made in Italy

The wiper is a patented Italian product, designed and created in Italy.


A result of talent and creativity all’Italiana, the i-Wipe is a unique phone cover for smartphones around the world which not only protects the touchscreen, but also allows fast and perfect cleaning. With a simple swipe of the wiper – made in ABS and covered in an anti-static, dust-free, non-scratch and polishing microfiber – it will allow you to keep the display of your smartphone shiny and clean, allowing you to see the clear images and colors on your screen and avoiding technical problems due to excessive dirty substances.


Smartphones accompany us everywhere in every moment of the day. Frequent use of the touchscreen causes an inevitable accumulation of dirt from make up, sweat, dirty hands and dust, leaving visible traces on the display and allowing the formation of bacteria that, when in contact with our hands and ears, can cause infection. The solution is simple: keep the display of your smartphone clean. If rubbing your phone on your pants or shirtsleeve has proven to be a problem, now there is a solution: the i-Wipe with its incorporated slider and special microfiber has arrived; with one simple movement, your touchscreen will always be clean.


The i-Wipe is a patented Italian product. The relative documentation, duly registered with the Ministry of Economic Development, safeguards the originality of the product in the entire world, prohibiting its reproduction.

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